Abuse Hold

The Access Consciousness® Abuse Hold

Abuse has an impact that can destroy a person’s life and identity and Yours Consciously, we desire to create a world where abuse survivors can freely find help to figure out how to heal, find encouragement, and acceptance. We hope to transform people who have surpassed the grievous pain of abuse and who are looking to get out of it. We desire to encourage people to find wholeness after the trauma of abuse.

Abuse takes on many forms and many faces from obvious physical violence to subtle, surreptitious gaslighting..(manipulation)
From the most obvious tortures to the insidious subtle poising of the waters. It comes in many structures and forms from religion to politics to cultural, financial, and parental to self – abuse… the list is endless of people, places, and processes that subjugate, demean, disempower, and destroy potency and creativity… in short – the totality of you.

What if there was a way to not let abuse stop you from living the life that you know is possible? What if you can no longer at the effect of trauma, abuse, drama, loss, stress, PTSD, burn out…
What else is possible for you now? Find out what else is possible for you with the Access Consciousness® Abuse Hold.



The Access Consciousness® Abuse Hold

Abuse Hold is a Three Part process.


Download and listen to the Clearing the Issues of Abuse mp3


Listening to this will unlock what Gary Douglas calls the psychological points of view that get created as a result of being abused. It is recommended that you listen to this at least thirty times if you have been physically or sexually abused, otherwise twenty to thirty times. This can include listening to on a low volume (not silent) overnight as well as when you are awake. Releasing the psychological points of view means that your body is prepared to release the physical abuse that is locked into your body when you receive the hold.


When you have listened and played this mp3 the required number of times – come and have an in-person Abuse Hold Session. The ‘HOLD’ itself is quite simply being held with an energy of trust, honoring, vulnerability, and allowance that invites the body to release where it has locked in the abuse and all subsequent dis-ease