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Duration: 12 weeks
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Is it time to upgrade your self-development and challenge yourself to empower and enhance your skills and strengths?  

Have you ever tried to create change in your life, whether it be in your career, finances or relationships, but no matter how hard you work, nothing seems to happen?

Perhaps you want to be a better, brighter more confident version of yourself, but you keep getting held back by the same fears and limiting belief patterns?

Or maybe you are simply seeking more happiness, freedom, fulfilment and peace but your inner critic just keeps tearing you down and negative thought patterns loop in your mind on repeat?

This is a unique take on the kind of personal development which has been designed to help you to remove all the blocks that are keeping you stuck, review and re-learn and check in on your personal growth and esteem. Time to discard all those versions of self that no longer serve you which you’ve been carrying around and embrace a stronger, wiser and more successful you.

These personal coaching sessions are suitable for all individuals seeking personal coaching in Hyderabad in person or virtual / online sessions too to enhance and build on past skills as well as their future potential. This includes those individuals who are moving career paths or who feel stuck in careers; people in relationships that need revitalising; people in positions of change in their lives and many more situations. Clients who have used this service include business leaders, senior management, CEO’s and organisation management or owners, sole traders, artists, musicians, athletes and actors.

I can help you stay curious, expand your consciousness and rid yourself of the limitations that might be stopping you from accomplishing the goals and lifestyle you intend to live.

If you are considering some EXPERT Hand holding to assist your transformation, a “Breakthrough Session” is the place to begin. We will talk about your particular situation, see if it feels like a good fit to work together, and look at the possibilities of creating ease on your journey.

3 steps to a 

“Whole New You”.


Is there a specific thing in your life you would like to change? What limitations have you made greater than you?

Is it time to choose YOU?


Whether it be business, relationship, your body, or something else, all our programs at Yours Consciously are unique, meaningful and tailor made exclusively for you and your needs.


Nisha will use a combination of all her capacities, her awareness, to assist you to let go of anything that you have made greater than your ability to create your life which will allow you to start choosing something greater as your reality. Together, we  will go right to the root of your perceived “glass ceiling”  and help you through a deep transformation of your personality and a new understanding of the power of your knowing. We will work on reprogramming your emotional and mental structures which hold you back and actually block your growth.
And the end result…
You become the best version of yourself.

With these sessions in personal development in Hyderabad, India or online, benefits include;

  • Find happiness and authenticity and achieve your dreams
  • Discover your areas of development still underutilised
  • Improved listening skills for effective conversation outcomes
  • Decision-making clarity and emotional agility
  • Learn to be empowered
  • Find passion in what you do
  • Be skilled in communication and connectivity
  • Fulfil all your potential and become authentic in your actions
  • Discover and use your personality, talents and abilities
If you’re ready for a new direction, looking for a warm and friendly, coach & Transformation expert who understands your personal challenges, Nisha has combined her skills, education, personal insight and experience into a variety of 2 day coaching programs. She will support you. emotionally and mentally.

Help you Find and Build a happier, more loving and successful relationship. Accelerate your healing to get you back on track personally, in life.

An experienced professional speaker, she promises to keep you engaged and inspired with her unique coaching methodology approach.


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