Access Bars

What are the Access Bars®?

A set of 32 points on the head which, when lightly touched, stimulate positive change in the brain and defragment the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts and emotions.

How does it work?

When lightly touched, the Bars points stimulate a positive neurological response inside the recipient. This appears to trigger the body’s natural ability to heal and facilitate the physiological changes required for greater wellbeing.

Is traditional therapy not working for you? Are you tired of going to the ‘shrink’ week after week to avail no result?

Expect to receive

Improved physical health

Recipients have reported to have been cured of ailments like cancer, infertility and kidney stones.

Greater mental clarity and reduced stress

Let go of the mind chatter, confusion and resistance to anything you’d like to create in life.

Enhanced motivation

Let go of all the judgements you have about yourself, your life and your finances so motivation can kick in.

Enhanced mental health

Reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, ADHD, ADD and OCD.

Joy, peace, gratitude, kindness and happiness

What if every moment was fun, exuberant and you knew the universe had your back?

Deeper relaxation

With positive effects on migraines and insomnia. What if you didn’t require medication to be at ease?

Greater Intuitive Awareness

Allow yourself to access the space of you!

Ready to learn, ready to experience. Join us on the journey to discover something new, something extraordinary. Take the first step now!

The Access Bars® are for


Have you always known more was possible with your life, finances and relationships?

Seekers of Change.

Have you been ‘working on’ yourself for years and would now like results? Are you fed up of going to therapists, healers and coaches?

The Stressed and Powerless.

Have you been slogging to achieve success for most of your life and would like more ease and clarity in everything you create?

Patients of Mental Health Issues.

Anger management, low self-esteem, fears, phobias, anxiety and depression.

People with Disorders of any Kind.

ADHD, OCD, ADD, PTSD, eating disorders, bipolar disorders and psychotic disorders.

Monkey Minds.

Do you have too many thoughts in your head leading to confusion, inaction and procrastination?

People of Determination.

Vision impairment, hearing impairment, acquired brain injury (ABI), cerebral palsy and autism.

Personal Development Junkies.

Are you an avid meditator looking to be more in tune with your knowing, and to access your inner potency to manifest everything you desire?