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What to expect from a Parenting Consciously Workshop??

 This workshop is not to preach to you, to attack your ways of parenting, to blame you or highlight your mistakes, but to support you on your parenting journey, to inspire your higher self, to help you see and bring to consciousness the patterns that might hinder your joy and happiness and in turn, your child’s joy and happiness too.

Every parent desires deep connection and bond with their children. Despite their best intentions and greatest desires, this relationship is often full of anxiety, conflict and stress. Instead of this relationship being joyful and empowered, it ends up being complex and bitter. Despite their parent’s best intentions, children often grow up feeling invalidated and misunderstood. This disconnect is heartbreaking for parents who actually desire nothing more than the closest bond with their offspring.

In this workshop, you will guided on a path that can shift your paradigm and show you a completely new approach and fresh perspective on Parenting, if you choose to.  It is a path that involves self-awakening and consciousness. I will share Powerful tools and ways to transform your relationship with your child from disconnection to a great connection. 

I will also share with you the way to  raising happy, cheerful and highly aware children

What will YOU LEARN?

Learn Conscious ways to effectively navigate  the everyday challenges and make your Parenting more Simple and JOYFUL.



Creating a better connection with your child to improve communication



Helping your child to develop independence and maturity whilst maintaining authority and love



Identify how to address beliefs or habits that get in the way of being an effective parent

A Word


” Our New generation of children are Global citizens who have a high level of awareness about everything. They have access to so much more and are sometimes overwhelmed. But they don’t know who to turn to except for Google and YouTube. As parents,  if we Update our parenting styles, and consciously update our understanding on HOW to better handle them, we have a better chance to  raise capable, independent, resilient and respectful children.

With the Speed at which our lives are moving, we need to learn simple ways to embed more EASE & JOY in our lives.”

– Nisha Verma


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