Have you noticed how challenging it can sometimes be to make a decision? Often making the decision is harder than dealing with the consequences from making the decision. A reason that we may be struggling with decisions is because some part of us thinks that if we decide on one thing, then we are going to lose out or miss out on something else.

To support you in feeling some freedom around decision-making, I would like to share with you a little distinction between the words CHOICE and DECISION.

Observe how you feel inside when you think you have to decide something. Does it feel different from how you feel when you get to choose something? Many of us experience a lot more angst and inner conflict when we use the word decision. Why is that? Well, just look at the root word of decision: DECIDE. It contains the Latin root of “cide” which means to “cut down or kill.”and then think of some other words that contain cide: suicide, genocide, homicide, pesticide, etc. Why is this syntax distinction relevant? Because the words we think and say have a lot of meaning to us, especially on the unconscious level – which is very significant!

When we feel that we have to decide something, some of the anxiety that comes forward has to do with the feeling that we are cutting or killing o# something, therein creating more internal conflict. We often buy into the limiting belief that if we decide one thing, we will lose something else instead of seeing the bigger picture of how much we can actually gain from committing to a choice.

One way to work with this distinction is to use the words CHOOSE and CHOICE instead of decide and decision. Say “I CHOOSE” and immediately feel a sense of freedom. And as you are choosing, relax in the Knowing that there is no such thing as a wrong choice, there is only the choice we make.

Happy Choosing!