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Who is Nisha Verma?
Known for her Real, Raw and Vulnerable approach to transformation, Nisha Verma is the Founder of Yours Consciously, a creative global platform for self-growth, development and Transformation.
She is a  transformational coach, who thrives on supporting women to nourish themselves mind, body & soul to become the best version of themselves. She is also an inspirational speaker  and an Access Consciousness® Bars and Body process facilitator.  She loves shaking up the world of supposed hard-set realities and paradigms kept in place over lifetimes. She sees a different reality and possibility ,  usually far beyond this reality which she has also used to create her own life.
Today, Nisha draws from her personal experience and years of deep soul initiation to guide Teenagers and women to break through their fear, discover themselves, and awaken to their unique “purpose”. Nisha’s clients say that working with her is a life-changing journey.
 She guides people who feel uninspired with the lives to reclaim their personal power so they can share their unique gifts with the world which  helps people lead joyful lives naturally.

My Story


How it all Started


Nisha began her career in Business and Finance because the world of numbers always gave her a rush. But, despite what looked like the ideal life on the outside, there was always a sense of unease and not feeling good enough and exhaustion that she could not seem to shake. She noticed this in her peers too and could not understand why a large number of the people with whom she met, who had what seemed like the ideal life, were also for the most part unhappy.
This fuelled her search for a way to have as full a life as possible, one that included happiness, ease, creativity, business, money and anything else that was joyful and contributive both to her and the world.
Having grown up in Hyderabad, India in a huge joint family and parents who were always deeply involved in meditation and spiritual conversations, she had access to a lot of information that inspired her already inquisitive nature. She spent most of her free time seeking, studying, reading and learning about the teachings of different gurus and mystics. But there was always some missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
A few years and 2 kids later, when she came across Access Consciousness® she instantly recognised that what it offers is what she had been looking for:
Easy and pragmatic tools that work, empower you to know, and create the change that is truly possible in the world.
She began her journey to bringing herself back to a state of holistic fulfilment, and along the way she started to guide others in doing the same. The things she has learned along this path have astonished her, and everything comes back to the core element of holistic health and wellbeing: unapologetic, radical self-love.
She now continues to globe trot while working and facilitating classes and workshops on what she practices daily in life and business. The work that she does now is not a job, but a calling to be of service to the collective awakening as we begin to remember who we are at the deepest levels of our being.

"We can’t control the outside stuff but we certainly can master our internal state and live in way that feels free and fun."

"Consciousness is not a state you achieve... it is a constant evolution of ever expanding phenomenal possibilities ..."

"The Journey of transformation and healing of every person is a very individualistic journey and no case is similar to the other."

Nisha Verma

What I Do??

RADICAL Transformation!

Nisha helps people create change in any area of their life including Chronic to simple cases, like people suffering from severe backache, infertility, mental disorder, relationship issues, stress disorder, facing hurdles in professional careers, lack in life, teenage issues, parenting issues. 
There are various Joyful workshops that provide you with framework of knowledge and tools/techniques to create a life that you are unable to, in spite of your best efforts. 

She helps people change their reality to generate and create a life they desire and require. Her target is to generate a life that is joyful and expansive for everybody she touches.

If you have landed on this page, this is your time to SHINE.

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